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The size and complexity of your project will determine the cost. Mercer Tree Service is unique because our highly-trained crews have all the tools and equipment they need to complete any size job in the most efficient way. From removing large, hard-to-reach branches, to grinding enormous stumps in your yard, we provide the best work at the best price, guaranteed.

Our professional arborists can determine the health of the trees on your property. It takes a professional to inspect the tree to be sure. Trees that appear to be dying may actually only need some TLC; trees that appear to be healthy may actually be in danger of coming down. Our arborists know what to look for.

Trees that have structure defects, that are unstable, or that have dangling or damaged branches are among the most dangerous trees. A large tree is not dangerous in and of itself-unless it poses a potential hazard due to damage, disease, injury, or instability. Trees may exhibit structural problems at the base or in the upper canopy, so a full inspection is necessary to truly gauge the potential risks your home or yard are exposed to. Our arborists are experts in identifying trees that pose a danger.

Yes. Mercer Tree Service meets or exceeds the legal requirements for licensing and insurance as required by each state in which we operate. Rest assured, each Mercer Tree Service carries liability coverage to protect your property from harm and workers’ compensation insurance for our employees.

Mercer Tree Service crews are tree service professionals with years of experience in the tree care industry. Supervised by a certified team leader, our employees also are trained in safely operating and handling all equipment, and are skilled in using best practices to safely remove even the largest sized trees on your property.

We utilize weight-distributing ground mats to protect lawns, and of course, we always use common sense and an abundance of caution when removing limbs, trees, stumps, and debris. As professionals, we are daily humbled by the size of the trees we work with, and we never lose respect or awe for their potential danger. That’s why you can trust us to be as cautious and safe as possible.

Feel free to contact your Mercer Tree Service arborist directly, or to contact our office. Our professional arborists are always available to handle any questions or concerns you may have.

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Mercer Tree Service offers experienced professionals backed by fully insured workmanship and honest prices. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and we use the safest practices in order to protect your property and your wallet.

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